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We offer excellence and a "class of service" to our clients, which for the size of our company is unequaled in value and capability in our local area. We have built upon our commitment to excellence, to reach where we are today.

At Trinity Productions, we know that you have to use premium equipment to have the best results. We have everything from sound mixers to power distribution equipment from top industry brands. Our goal is to help you create quality sound, lighting, and video. 

  • Live Concert Sound Systems, including FOH Mix Engineers

  • Voice Reinforcement Systems

  • Public Address & Conference Systems (Small to Large)

  • Custom-Designed Sound & Lighting Systems

  • Intelligent Lighting Systems & Stage Lighting

  • Sound & Music Playback for Weddings & Special Events

  • Corporate Events Sound & Music Playback

  • School Function Sound & Music Playback

  • Church Festivals, Indoor or Outdoor Concerts, & Meetings

  • PAR Stage Lighting

  • Moving Head Lighting

  • Atmospheric Effects, Fog, & Haze

  • Audiovisual & Projection Systems

  • Live Concert Recording

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